Beauty and health are as inseparable as the body and mind. Prolonged and intense stress is devastating to the body, and our first signs of aging are usually superficial. Suddenly, our largest organ, the skin, doesn’t glow as it used to and lines are more pronounced.

Ongoing insults to our skin like sun exposure, pollution, and daily stress eventually exhaust the body’s natural healing capabilities. The skin does not get enough nutrition, cells do not get enough oxygen, and free radicals build up, killing the youthful tone, texture and color of the skin. The skin then gives in to aging, and we see it when we look in the mirror.

Besides nutrition and exercise, having your face regularly cleaned and the dead skin removed and regenerated is the easiest way to keep the skin from succumbing to the environmental insults that swirl around us. All of our facials are highly therapeutic and are meant to deeply clean as well as nurture the skin. We recommend doing a facial before any of our anti-aging facial technologies or peels for maximum impact.


Everyone should do a facial at least twice a year. However, for optimal results facials should be done every 4-8 weeks. The best time to do it is at the end of the summer and at the end of the winter to get the dead skin and clear out all the products and environmental garbage that clogs up our pores. That way anything that you do to treat your problematic or aging skin can work more efficiently on the healthy, receptive skin cells.
A good cleaning of the skin can go a long way toward prevention of problems that cause our skin to not look as optimal and as fresh as it could. Additionally, if you are investing in any anti-aging treatments including expensive cosmeceuticals, it is best to have a fresh face to get the most out of your investment. You would never put a fresh coat of paint on a dirty wall. You may not see the “dirt,” but it is there, and the face will look better if you clean it first.
Most of our anti-aging treatments can be done the same day or within a week of our facials. If you do a facial outside of Forever Young, and it uses any acid peeling, please wait 1 month before doing your treatment.