Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photofacial can improve the signs of sun damage, rosacea, and brown and red spots on the face, neck, chest, back, arms and hands.

If you want the skin on your face to be smoother and healthier, and if you want to look younger, then IPL photofacial might be the right cosmetic treatment for you. It is a simple, in-office procedure with little to no downtime.

ipl photofacial
IPL Photofacials Before and After


If your skin is freckled, discolored, red, or blotchy from overexposure to the sun, you will benefit from photorejuvenaton. The procedure also improves skin texture and reduces the size of pores. If you have rosacea, the procedure removes dilated blood vessels and decreases facial flushing.

The treatment itself takes approximately 30 minutes for an area the size of your face and neck.
No. There is a sensation during the treatment that feels like a flash of heat and a slight tingling.
Discontinue use of Accutane® for six months, Retin-A® for 10 days to two weeks and glycolic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid products for a week before your treatment. Avoid sun and sunless tanning for four weeks. Do not take aspirin or other blood thinners for at least three days before your treatment. You cannot be treated while you have infections or sores in the area.
The treated area usually appears flushed immediately after treatment. Occasionally there is redness and swelling, which usually dissipates within a day. Brown spots will darken and flake off within 1-2 weeks after treatment. In the meantime you can conceal these spots with makeup which you may apply immediately after treatment, if you desire. Most people require multiple treatments to get at the deeper layers of pigmentation, and they are generally done at 3-4 week intervals, however you will see improvement even after the first treatment. This treatment series is best done in the Fall and Winter and completed before significant exposure to the sun is going to resume.